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Are you tired of frequent doctor's visits for sinus problems, asthma, respiratory infections or hives? Tired of frequent missed days from school or work? Ineffective medicines? Getting you healthy and back to living life is the driving force behind Dr. James M. Kidd III and staff of the Kidd Allergy Clinic.

Dr. Kidd believes the general lack of knowledge is what differentiates the allergist from other health care providers and can often be the difference between daily misery and relief of allergy symptoms. In this day of outpatient treatment, Kidd Allergy Clinic provides an environment conducive to diagnosing and treating allergy-related problems effectively and in a timely manner.

Is it time you step up to the specialty care in allergy and immunology? Dr. Kidd has been providing comprehensive care for nasal allergy, hives, frequent infections and asthma for the past 28 years. Dr. Kidd has been listed in Louisiana Life magazine's list of peer-voted "Louisiana Top Doctors" in both Adult Allergy and Immunology, and Pediatric Allergy and Immunology since 2006.

Get your life back to uninterrupted daily activity and sleep. Get your child back to regular school attendance. Dr. Kidd's specialty has been shown to reduce sick days, reduce hospitalizations and put patients back to their regular daily activities more efficiently, more quickly and more cost effectively than standard medical care.



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